Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Amazing Race with Gurrs and Geigles

My sisters Sherri and Jill and their families
were only staying a few short days with me 
So we had to pack it in fast.

We did this by playing the Amazing Race
Peruvian Style.

We separate into teams
and race around the city to all the 
must see sites.  Above of course is the Plaza de Armas.
Below Sherri and Joanna are visiting the meat market
in the Mayorista.

Joanna is as big as the bags of cereal.

They of course placed tiles on the famous mosaic wall
This is Grace and Kevan.

And they visited the largest adobe ruins in the world
called Chan Chan.

Terry was with Nate and Grant
and every team had office Elders with them.
It was nice that Elders gave up part of their
Preparation day to play with my family.

Elders Escobar and Richards were with Pete in the Mayorista

And along the way, we were all making contacts.

The Gurrs and Geigles at the Huaca del sol y la luna.

The children learned a song in Spanish to sing at a baptism.
They sang at a baptism and word got around that 
they were not just good but fantastic...
SO they sang at several baptisms, A stake conference, and a Relief Society
Birthday Celebration.
In perfect harmony, with perfect Spanish and with a spirit
that made everyone cry.
Amazing Race was a big hit.
Much more to come...