Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, March 12, 2012

Can Life Get Any Better?

You are not going to believe this.
We are on another countdown!

Only 4 more days until another beautiful gift of Love...

Two more sisters and their husbands and their children
are coming here to PERÚ!

Jill  (above) is bringing 3 of her 7 children 
Sherri (below) is bringing all 5 of her children
and of course their husbands are coming too!

We have the kids singing in baptisms 
and Sherri, Jill and I are speaking at Relief Society Activities.
We have guests coming for Family Home Evening, a mission Fireside.
Beach volleyball, frisbee dodgeball, Amazing Race, 
Make Huacos, visit the ancient temples, Marinera dancers etc..
We will have a lot of fun along with all the Missionary work.

Just look at the count of sisters that have come or are coming to visit.

Oh and I would never forget Tom, my brother and his family.
I should have put flowers in each or their hair too.
This list of visitors does not include my children and grandchildren.

My sisters Sherri and Jill will arrive Friday and then leave Tuesday for 
Machu Picchu... for a few days.
Can Life Get any Better..
I submit that it can Not!