Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Zone Leaders United for the Day...

Here they are... our noble Zone Leaders.
It was a sticky, hot day so they took off their coats 
for all of their leadership training and the photo.

I had a little extra time today so I thought I would
do a little sketching of the Zone Leaders that accomplished all their goals.
(Not really it's just a photo app)
Elders Marquez & Lopez
Elders Hargis & Facer
Elder Mendoza & Munson
Elders Hannemann and Whitehead
Elders Retamal & Berroteran
Elders Contreras & Barinas
Incredible work Gentlemen... 
(You can see the actual photo at the end of this post)

It was the Columbians birthday today... 
Remember I told you about these two that had the same
job in the office at different times
but they are both from Columbia and both
have birthdays on March the 7th
Well, today we celebrated.

They had to Bailar (Dance) or Cantar  (Sing)
and they chose to sing their National Anthem for us.
They did a rousing rendition... I must say.

Can you tell who this is?
Only a mother would recognize this face.
Right Sister Pickett?

After lunch we were passing the chocolate sauce for Lucy's brownies
and Ice Cream... and I asked Elder Facer to open his mouth
and lean his head back...
there was nothing he could do because he had a white shirt on.
He was a little panicked.
I could have filled his mouth up the whole way but I was nice.

Then I saw that Elder Pickett found another naive one
and he did fill up the whole mouth.
Poor Elder Wright... couldn't do a thing about it.

Elder Pillajo is the only new Zone Leader this time.
We are so happy to include him in this group.
He will be an excellent Leader.

After all the morning trainings and Lunch at the mission home
It was time to put on the gloves and go to work.
We had five chapels that the Elders were splitting up 
to mow and clean up the grounds.

These Elders are not afraid of hard work.

Elder Brito was checking the oil on this mower.

Elder Yat was trimming Elder Wilkinson's Hair...

And Elder Wilkinson was modeling the latest in lawn mowing fashion.

There is no life like the life of a missionary.

Below is the actual photo of the Zone Leaders
that reached their goals