Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Beautiful Gift of Love

President Turk received the nicest birthday gift ever
from my Tutor, Mabell's Mother.
They live in the Buenos Aires Ward.
She makes these beautiful Scripture Covers.
President Turk's Covers have the images of 
Christ appearing in the America's and 
Christ ordaining His Twelve Apostles
The detail is absolutely amazing.
They also made one for my Quad
and I chose the picture of Christ, that I love, called "The Healer"
and my favorite Greg Olsen called 
"Lost No More"

These are not great photographs
 of these precious pieces of art.
And Thank you is not enough.
Oh and on the back of one of President Turk's 
is his favorite place on earth...
The Mesa Temple.
You can even see the reflection 
of the Temple in the water.
When you order these you can choose whatever 
image you want on the Covers.
The artist can do anything.

Thank you Hermana Rivera de Escalante
Well, Mabell's Mom.
They are Fabulous!