Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Palermo Zone... get up those stairs... it's time to start!

We go up and down stairs all day long.
The office is on the third floor
and our house is levels and stairs.

After we had the new ones in all morning...
We had Palermo Zone in all afternoon.
These are long days but we love them.
Look at these darling girls.

Hermanas Galindo, Cornelio, Eddings and Bell

Elders below 
Mendoza, Pillajo, Guymon, and Arena
Elders Arena and Pillajo are the Zone Leaders.
Elders Armstrong, Bingham, Velastagui, Meza and some grumpy old man....
What was this photo all about Elder Wright?
Okay we are on the last leg of interviews..
Only two more zones in the next two days before my family 
arrives on Friday afternoon...
We will push until we get them finished.
And then the second my family leaves we have changes.

Palermo you are awesome.
Please fill your agendas, follow through with your plans,
teach clearly and listen to the spirit.
People are waiting to hear truth!

Please Find Them!