Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rough Start... Fantastic Finish!

It was Monday, Preparation day for the missionaries
and my family was ready to have a day 
of activities with a several Zones of Missionaries.

But on the way to the Beach... We got pulled over and 
I didn't have my purse because we were going to the playa
and it's just not a great idea to have it there.
SO the police was giving us a bad time
and wanting to impound my car.

This is the first time that the President has had
to give a little money to 
get us on our way.
They always try to get money from us 
and they never can
but we were in a hurry and our cars were filled
with excited children heading to the sand and sun.

When we arrived the boys ran to the water...
Grace ran to the sand...
President got his kites flying ...
and my sisters started the games with the missionaries.
This one was paper, rock, scissor... with your bodies.
It was a winner.

Thank goodness some of the Hermanas took over the kites for the President
or he would still be there flying them.
(Hermana Galindo and Hermana Eddings)
No matter where you are on the earth
you can find the 
rivalry between the schools in Utah.
Utes, Cougs and Aggies...

(Go Cougars!)

My nieces Janie and Joanna were loving the sister missionaries.
Thanks for being great to them Hermanas.

Look at this motley crew I found on the deserted ship.
Captain May is looking for Land?  no, I mean water.
They actually ran to this boat to put their shoes on.
The sand was hot yesterday.

The highlight of course was the volleyball.
The Palermo Zone took home the prizes.
They were coached by my sister, Jill.
Laureles Zone had just as much fun and they were coached by my sister Sherri.
I love when my sisters come down and take over.
I sat and enjoyed the nieces and nephews and the perfect day.
We then met for lunch with the Porvenir Zone.
And look who got to eat lunch together for the first time.
Elder Hales and Elder Cook.
They were best friends before the mission
and called to the same mission.
They have seen each other once before but just in passing.
SO we were happy to reunite them.

After lunch we were off with Porvenir Zone to play soccer
which my nephews and brother -in- laws loved.

and a little frisbee dodge ball.
This game is a huge hit
and my nieces Janie and Joanna were the secret weapons
that would take out a whole team of Elders.
It was hilarious.
I am so happy to finally get these two together.
Every time I see Elder Mecham he reminds me of my nephew Grant.
And every time I am with Grant he makes me think of Elder Mecham.
It's their personalities and their coloring and their eyes .. etc...
They really are brothers from different mothers.
Somewhere their paths will meet down the line...
I just know it.
Elder Chatwin is from Mesa and his father works
with my brother- in- law Kevan Gurr who is married to my sister Sherri.
They brought a box of goodies from his family.
Elder Chatwin and his companion came in from Casa Grande
and stayed with us all day.

Monday was filled with sun and fun
and memories we will never forget.
We are all a little sunburned but it was worth it.
These families are the best.
We can't thank them enough for coming to Peru.