Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, March 26, 2012

Quite the Conference!

Today was our Pensionista Conference.
Each companionship of Missionaries in the mission
has a pensionista that cooks their meals for them.
The missionaries pay for the food but their time and service is not paid for.
The pensionistas are called to serve by the Bishops.
This is a Calling in the wards.
I am telling you...  it is not an easy one either.
Gospel Doctrine Teacher is a piece of cake! 

They are a huge part of the work 
of this mission.

So I decided they deserved their own Name Tag.

Here are the office Elders and the President modeling some of the Apron colors
that we had made for them.

We met at the chapel around the corner from the mission home.
We did all of our training and reminders for their cooking
and cleanliness in preparation.
President also encouraged them to be great missionaries.
The Elders sang a special number
and then it was off to the mission home for refreshments.
We had about 60 to 70 Pensionistas
come to the Conference.
This is just for Trujillo.  We have a few more conferences for the Pensionistas
in the other areas of the mission.

Thank goodness that my Pensionistas were in the Mission Home 
to help me today.
Lucy and Alicia are the best Pensionistas EVER!

We served all kinds of desserts and sandwiches and 
Lucy made her famous Brownies and Banana Bread
and of course we had Birthday Cake for the President.

These women deserved a break... they love to be in the Mission Home
and they really loved their new aprons.
(Thanks to my real sisters for the donations)

A few of them gathered for a photo.
They look like Easter Eggs...
So Colorful.
I love and admire these women and their service, devotion and love
to our Missionaries.

Thank You - Thank You
From the bottom of our Hearts.

Their hands are full
and we pray that their hearts are too!