Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Fun Has Arrived!

Look at this handsome welcoming committee!

And yes, they arrived happy and safe.
Oh the Joy... Tears of course.
Eight children, six adults, 7 missionaries and 
15 bags and another 12 backpacks...
We should have brought the bus.
 But we made it and we hit the ground running.

First stop was the Amazing horse show with the rare Peruvian breed of horses.
The kids loved the show
and this little 9 month old colt
loved all the children.

It was actually overcast and a little chilly which is 
amazing since we have been sticky and hot 
the last couple of weeks. 
It even rained last night...
and this morning I was running down the outside
stairs and they were still wet...
and I went down.
The children were speechless.
My bad knee was twisted and I thought I would
never be able to get up
But we were all saying some silent prayers
and I hopped up.  YES!
Another miracle... Really.

We had a beautiful dinner with our friends and family in the mission home
and then had the national champion Marinera dancers 
come and show us their stuff.

We loved their talent. The family was really amazed
at the talents of the children.
They are the best.
The whole show Nathan was worried about having one of the dancers
pull him up to dance.
 I told him that he would not have to dance.
Then the little girl came up to him and grabbed him
and he looked at me and said
"I guess I get to Dance"
Many of the Gurrs showed their dancing skills with the professionals.
It was a fantastic evening.
I hope they will remember this for a long time.

The boys thought they would reciprocate with a few moves of their own.
They did the Haka...
and it was probably the first time being done here in Trujillo.
Thank goodness Janie and Joanna finished with
a little power tap.  It was a little less dramatic
and more refined for our Peruvian friends.

We are on to the Amazing Race....
Eyes Wide Open!