Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why Me?

You know those people who are always crying
"Why Me?"

Well, count me one of those but with the
complete opposite tone..

"Why me.... What did I do to deserve this
incredible experience
of a lifetime?"

Thank you Heavenly Father!
I love every minute here with my husband
and the missionaries
teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ full time in PerĂº.

Every time President Turk comes home from
being out with the Missionaries,
He tells me experiences that make me cry.

(Elder Vilchez and Elder Prestwich)

I love the stories 
when all of the sudden the missionaries both stop
and have to turn around and head in the opposite direction
to another house.
There are no words spoken.
They arrive at a home where people 
are praying to know the truth.

Or when the missionaries are teaching and the spirit
is so strong that no one needs to say a word.
They just stop talking and let the spirit whisper.
Tears flow freely
and then those listening say,
"Yes, I feel it... I know that what you are teaching is true."

I love when the unexpected happens.
Missionaries can come across
those that think they want nothing to do with religion
and then small miracles take place
and these same people turn out to be the leaders of the church 
in their wards and stakes.

The Lord is gathering the elect.
If people are searching for Heavenly guidance...
they will find it if they are sincerely asking.

This is the Lord's work and we see His hand in it
every single day.

May I just say to the Whole Wide World..
That I would not be screaming this from the top of my Laptop 
unless I knew that this Gospel was absolutely True!

What will it hurt you to just ask?
Nothing... but
It will be the greatest regret of your life if you don't ask and it is true.
and I TESTIFY that it is TRUE!

ASK and ye shall receive.
SEEK and ye shall find
KNOCK and it shall be open unto you.

Find a Book of Mormon NOW
and find out for yourself.
You CAN Know 
and it is such a Glorious Feeling to really Know!

Don't be like one of our sweet converts that was given a Book of Mormon
at the age of 21.
He put it on his bookshelf.
It moved from shelf to table
from house to house
for over 40 years
until one day he picked it up 
and read it.

It completely Changed His Life!
He Knows it is from God.
He said that his whole life would have been different
if he would have read it the day the missionaries gave it to him.
He has a lot of catching up to do 
and a lot of teaching to do
to his family and friends whom he loves 
and wants the best for.
But he is so happy that he finally read it 
and found true joy and happiness.