Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, September 29, 2012

27 Dresses... WOW!

We drove out to Virú yesterday to deliver a bunch of cakes for 
a gigantic wedding.

Yesterday the Elders organized a wedding for 27 couples.
This is something to behold.

The couples would come in and sit at one of seven or eight
stations that the missionaries had set up for all the paperwork.
While all of their guests were ushered into the chapel.
In the chapel the movie "Seventeen Miracles" was being played
while the audience waited for their couple to be called.

When the couples name was called they would go into the
Relief Society room with their guests
where the Mayor would marry them.

Then they were escorted out of that room to the back patio for 
Cake and Punch 
and photos and hugs etc...

It was quite the production.
President and I brought a lot of cake
and we still had to rush around Virú to buy more.

The chapel was packed with hundreds of guests and family members-
But all 27 made it through the mass wedding.
The couples ranged from very old to the very young...
All excited to make this commitment to their spouses 
and to the Lord.
And now they are all getting baptized members of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

A  huge Thank you to Elder Escobar and Elder Armstrong
for their organization.
And to all of the Virú Zone missionaries
that made this happen.

Elders... Aburto, Armstrong, Arteaga, Chicche, Chun, Colonio, 
Escobar, Espinal, Hendrix, Ipi, Lopez, Martinez, Perez and Ureta
And Elders Richards and Castillo from the Office.