Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, September 10, 2012

Highlights from Letters...

You all know that the President reads and answers over 200
letters from our missionaries every monday.

This takes a lot of time and effort and focus.
But it is worth it.

I love when the President will tell me a few
of the highlights from the past week.

Here are a few examples.

"We found a less active youth that hadn't been to church 
for a couple of years.  We told him that we would pick him 
up Sunday morning for church.  He said that he didn't have anything
to wear.  I got in my closet, pulled out a shirt and some pants
and one of the men in the ward gave him a tie.
Sunday morning this seventeen year old boy 
went with us to pick up our investigators
 and then to church with us and he loved it.
He stayed the whole time and helped prepare the sacrament.
He said that he never wants to miss church again.
He signed up for seminary.  He said that he misses the feeling
that he felt here during church."

Here's another example... 
...and to top it off there was a fireside a member had 
to commemorate his wife who passed away a year ago. 
He told us we could attend because there would be alot of non members.
 He let us assign two young men to have everyone 
including the non-members sign in with their name and address, 
So we are going to have 50 new people to look up. 
Then to make it better, he asked my comp to conduct the fireside 
and for me to speak, 
so I got to explain the plan of salvation 
to about 70 non members last night. It was a neat experience!

and the last one...

This week we helped a family reach baptism and it was so incredible. 
The mom was almost in tears explaining the great blessings 
the family had received by reading their scriptures together 
and going to church and it was such a testimony builder that the Lord 
puts prepared people in our way. 

We had selected that family to visit out of all the 
future investigators in our area book, then we received 2 references 
of that same family! The Lord kinda had to shout it but 
we finally got the message and it was because they were prepared.
I think the biggest strength my companion and I have 
right now is our love for the people we are teaching. 
More than any other time in my mission 
I feel like I am teaching and doing all this work 
out of pure love for them,
 and they are feeling it!