Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Office Staff... Gets the Job Done!

It was the office Elders preparation day 
and we were able to go to lunch with
them for Elder Mieles Birthday.
I wish I could lunch with every missionary for their birthday.

Elder Mieles is a fantastic missionary that is always going the extra mile.
He is the first to jump in and the last to clean up.
I love this kind of Missionary.

 He is the supply, physical facilities, mailman secretary... 
and he still goes out and teaches and baptizes.
He is of course on the welcoming committee too for all 
the new ones.  He makes them feel comfortable
and gets them oriented and trained with the rest of the office.

All the office Elders are hard working, diligent, and dependable.
It sure makes going to work a pleasure every day.
We Love You All...
and Feliz Cumple Elder Mieles!