Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The President and the Trio

President Turk thought he was going out with 
Elder Aquino and Elder Cruz today
but there was a third wheel.

Everywhere they went today this dog followed them.
They would go into a house and teach a lesson 
and come back out and the dog would go with them to the next 
appointment.  They walked many miles this afternoon
and had many stops but the dog kept right on going. 
I am sure that this noble dog could feel their great spirit. 
He was really bored out of his mind.

These dogs do this with the missionaries from time to time.
Elder Reina had a dog go with him and his companion for a month.  
They would try to dodge him, run away from him, sneak out early
but they could never shake this stray dog.
Finally one morning they were heading out and they looked 
down and saw....

...Their pensionista had put the dog in a white shirt and tie.
She said that he deserved to be their third companion.
The dog was so happy.
It was as if he really knew that he looked like his missionary friends.
I am sure that I have told this story before... but I love it.

Here's the rest of the group this afternoon.
I hope they all had the same success as the President
and Elders Aquino and Cruz.
 Every day they should plan and run and teach and hustle
like they do with the President.
WOW... so much would get accomplished.

 This sweet fourteen year old boy was baptized recently
and now these missionaries have taught his aunt
who is getting baptized this week
and today they taught his mother who has accepted baptism too.

Very exciting for this family.... The Gospel is True.
It makes me Happy!
And now they can feel this warmth, happiness and guidance too.