Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Love Andy Williams...

I am feeling very sentimental today.
I heard that my good friend Andy Williams died.  NO!
So many of my great memories are tied to his music.
When I hear him I think of my Dad...
I think of Christmas... 
I think of my Children...

It doesn't feel like Christmas until I sing
his version of Jingle Bells at full volume.
But my all time favorite, favorite song of his is
"Happy Heart"
It makes me giddy no matter what mood I am in.
In fact... when I am traveling on long trips
here in Peru and I am going stir crazy or getting car sick
I just turn on Happy Heart full volume
and I sing as loud as I can.
 When I hear "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"
It reminds me of my sons wedding dinner.
All his boy cousins sang..
"I love you Hali.."
That is a very sweet memory

When my daughter Molly was just seven years old I taped her singing 
Moon River for my parents anniversary.
She had a stuffy little nose and she sounded so cute.
She was so excited 
to give the cassette to my parents.

Ten years later she recorded Moon River again for my parents 50th Anniversary.  We incorporated a small part of  her little stuffy nose version at the beginning sounding like an old radio recording.
And then she sang the whole song.

Thank you Andy,
You were the Best!

I tried to attach Molly's version of "Moon River" but I don't know how.

Oh by the way... the best news of all is that our Molly Girl is expecting a baby...  Which is going to be perfect timing for me.  She is due in March. I will have a new little 3 or 4 month old grandchild to lure me home from Peru.
It will take some heavy persuading. 
I will be announcing soon if it is a girl or a boy.  She has two boys already.      We are excited to find out.

Grandchildren are the Best!