Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's the Beach Boys...

Elder Guyman and Elder Jimenez
live next to the beach.
They are getting really good at Surfing...
but only in their dreams as they listen
to the lapping waves on the shore.

They had the President running all over this afternoon.
One of their stops they met this young man
who had just returned from Ecuador in a large
martial arts competition
and he brought home the medal.
The Elders are teaching his family the Gospel.

The sweet Primary president in the ward went out with the Elders too 
this afternoon.  Her husband bought her a washing machine
and so with the time she saves now do the laundry
she goes out and serves with the missionaries.

President asked her how she learned about the church
and she told him that my Tutor Mabell and her family
introduced them to the gospel.
They live right behind Mabell.

They ran into these cute children on the street.
They are all new members in the last six weeks.
The primary president just hugged them all and kissed them.

Elder Jimenez and Elder Guyman
are working their little tails off.   

There area is called Buenos Aires...   or Good Air.
A little touch of Argentina