Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Huaco Plantation

My Huaco collection is out of control!

It has completely overtaken my credenza behind my desk
and is spilling over to my desk and to my dresser in my bedroom.
I have some in the living room too.
Holy Huacos...
Here is one of the latest I acquired as a gift from 
the sweet office elders who had it personalized.
I totally love it.
Thank you sweet Elders!

If I am sitting at my desk and my grandsons Skype me...
they always ask if they can see "the Guys"
So I hold up many of them one at a time
and either make the Elders blow in them to make sounds
or tell them a story about them.
They love the Guys!

Some of these I inherited when I arrived.  
Others we have collected at the different ruins.  
Some were gifts.  Some are made by the Elders.
I wish that I could ship one of "My Precious" Huacos
to each of my missionaries as a wedding present.
Wouldn't the spouse just love me?

The small one in the front (below) is a free hand one made by Elder Vera.
Elder Vera why didn't you take this guy home with you.
I am glad you didn't because I will always think of you when I see it.
The little colorful hidden car is a gift from Elder Davila... Colombian Transportation
It's a little colorful bus full of everything and anything.
 Terry just got me another great huaco for our anniversary.
I haven't taken a picture of it yet.
It is home on my night stand.

These sweet ugga buggas will always be with me.
They will bring so many wonderful memories to me forever.
I am sure I won't bring them all home
But I have to bring a few for sure.

They are pronounced like Walk o''s...
They are replicas of those found in the ruins all over Peru.