Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Yes, Three New Great Ones!

I am so happy to introduce you to three new arrivals.
I call them the ABC group.

When you have so many Elders and Hermanas you learn
different techniques to remember their names.

 A is for Elder Arana.
The three words that he gave me to describe himself are:
Happy,  Responsible, and Loves to Serve.
Perfect he should be a great missionary.

B is for Elder Bravo
His three words are:
Obedient, Loving, and Diligent.
Again perfect for a missionary.

C is for Elder Cortez.
His three words include:
Funny, Good, and Obedient.
I think that each of these Elders are ready to go.
Their trainers and assignments are below.

These are three of the new Zone Leaders that were called this change.
Elder Araneda, Elder Felt and Elder Herrera.
Not pictured is Elder Merida..
We will have info on all of these on Thursday.
It is our Zone Leader Concilio.

Here are the Assignements and trainers of the new ones.

Elder Cortez from Argentina
will be trained by Elder May 
and they will serve in Otusco.

Elder Bravo from Chile
will be trained by Elder Kellogg
and they will serve in Mochica.

Elder Arana from El Salvador
will be trained by Elder Morales
and they will serve in Esperanza.

These three are here to serve with all their
heart, might, mind and strength.

Welcome my ABC group!

We haven't heard any more about our 
North Americans struggling with their visas.
We will let you know when we hear.