Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Let's Hear it for the Hermanas!

Hermana Langi and Hermana Sandstrom
were with the President today.
Hermana Langi is from California
Hermana Sandstrom is from Utah.

Hermana Sandstrom has been out with the President teaching before
but because of the transfers recently
she gets to do it again... Lucky!

The Assistants were out with other companionships today.
Elder Cornejo was with the new Elder Bravo and Elder Kellogg his trainer.
Elder Mecham was with Elder Fullmer and Elder Calderone.
Everyone had nice experiences... 

"It is amazing how much can get done
When you are constantly doing..."

This was one of the sweet families that the Hermanas 
and the President taught today.
Another little girl beamer!

I have no idea what this picture is.
President was getting a little artsy.
This is the Hermanas in front of one of the 
water towers in their area??

I am just grateful that he will take a few shots with his phone for me.

Thanks for all the hard work today everyone... Keep it up!