Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Doozy of a Day!

President Turk and I were asked to speak in the East Stake Conference
for Saturday night and Sunday...
"Super, No Problem, We would Love to..."

We were also speaking with Elder Vallejo
an Area Seventy from Ecuador.

Saturday night went great.  Good crowds.  Enjoyable.

Sunday morning... President was out the door at 6:30 am
for Priesthood and I was picking up the Assistants
and meeting him at around 9:30.

I jumped up and washed my hair...
While I am in the shower, the lights go out.

It couldn't be... one of those random Sundays where they 
just turn off all the electricity for the day?
Sure enough.

I am already with wet hair and no blow dryer or curling iron.
This is a huge problem for the stringy, blonde, 
straight haired woman.
The Peruvians don't have a problem without electricity.
Their hair is thick and curly and it has a lot of body.
They can wear wet hair to church and look amazing.
I would look like a wet rat.

Well, the challenge begins.
I put my makeup on in the dimmest conditions.
I can't see in my dark closet for the clothes I want to wear
I flip my hair around until it is dry... 
then I start to rat and mold and pin and spray it into position.
It looked like a stiff helmet.

Throughout the meeting, I was like a little child with ADD.
I was popping mints in my mouth, looking at the clock constantly
 and fidgeting the whole time.

After the meeting was over...
we dashed to the car... drove straight home...
I jumped on my bed and wanted to scream 
and seriously my head hit the pillow and
it was as stiff as a board.
I couldn't even lay down comfortably.
I will laugh about it someday and think it was hilarious
but for now... I am going to go rinse and condition my stiff hair
so that I can feel like a human.
I would not have been a good pioneer woman....
At least they had those big floppy bonnets to cover up their hair.
People thought it was to shade them from the sun...
People- come on now,
we know it was really to hide their dirty, flat, messy hair.

What a good idea... I might get one for Peru.