Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, September 28, 2012

The RM.... Highly Recruited!

I am so grateful when I think of the incredible skills that these missionaries
are gaining.  While they are helping others
Come unto Christ
they are really helping themselves by gaining a foundation 
that is far above the norm at their age.

The better the missionary, the better he/she is prepared for the real world
after the mission.
They are learning skills that cannot be taught at any
University on the planet.
They cannot be bought at any price.
They cannot be obtained in any other way
except through giving your life for 2 years (18 months)
to the service of the Lord.

When you are representing the Lord, Jesus Christ 
every day and every hour for two years...
You learn self discipline.  You learn how to teach,
You learn organizational skills and goal setting.
You learn to listen to the Spirit, You learn how to Love others
and how to work with others.
You learn that service is where true joy is found.
You learn that the things of the world are just that.. Things!
You learn how to listen to your own thoughts and ponder
and search the scriptures for answers.
When you look to the Lord and the Scriptures 
they fulfill every need that the world cannot give you.

When our missionaries around the world return home from their missions..
they are the most highly recruited students
from the most prestigious companies around the world.
The companies know that returned missionaries
 are honest, highly trained, obedient, 
self disciplined, fast learners, and skilled in many areas.
They are the highest performers.
They are goal setters and achievers.

Elders Calisaya and Zapana are no exception.
President said that they are organized and great teachers.
They know how to teach using the Book of Mormon.
Thank you Elders in Esperanza for your great Examples.