Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our Blood Runs Blue.....

No,  we do not have the Blue Blood of royal decent...
We just love BYU sports.

Even as far away as Trujillo Peru
We know what today is....
BYU vs Uof U
 President Turk and I both attended BYU
My parents attended BYU

Our children and their spouses attended BYU

My brothers and Sisters attended BYU

And so I always thought that the U of U was our greatest enemy.
But something very sweet has softened my heart.

I had a missionary that was from Texas and during high school and right after 
he was struggling with his testimony.
Somehow he ended up going to the University of Utah to study.

He joined a fraternity at the U that I am sure he thought 
would give him some exciting times on the weekends,

but... It turned out that this Fraternity was all returned missionaries.
These RM frat boys took my missionary under their wings
and taught him the Gospel and loved him
and told him that he could not and would not 
want to miss the opportunity to serve a mission.
And guess what...
This young man was called to our mission 
and was one of my missionaries whom I love and adore.
He was an outstanding missionary.

After he told me this story...
I told him that I will never speak another bad word
about the UofU again because it brought him to me.
Addendum: He sent me this picture after the game.  I didn't like the outcome
but I sure like him..... It's our Elder Elmer!

I still have very blue blood
and it seems awkward to have these logos on my blog
(I made them small)
but I am thankful for those wonderful Young Men
at the UofU that lived the teachings of Jesus Christ
and helped my sweet missionary
have the opportunity to serve full time and bring souls unto Christ.

Thank you - Thank you.

Now after saying all this...  GOOOOooooooooooooooooo COUGARS!

(Even my Grandsons do the Cougar Growl very well for being so young)