Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, September 7, 2012

Surviving Politics...

President Turk had another wonderful afternoon with 
Elder Patiño and Elder Chatwin in La Rinconada out in Porvenir.

To teach people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest 
Joy we can have.  When people are carrying guilt and sin
and want to get rid of it but don't know how...
they light up when they hear this beautiful plan of Happiness.
The President and these missionaries shared it with 
many people in need today.

We can't tell you how happy we feel to be in Perú
 especially during election time.
We will vote absentee ... don't worry.

But the stress of all the political advertisements and conventions
and the scare tactics and false statistics and debates
and lies and attacks are not missed.

I feel more than ever the world is getting more polarized.
We are seeing a lot less of the shared middle ground.

This is why sharing the Gospel is so important
and so beautiful.
We can completely focus on helping our neighbor
and teaching everyone about the Savior.

If you feel stress from elections
spread some happiness with those around you.
Love your neighbor a little more.
Lift and help those less fortunate.
Do a good deed for someone in need.
There are feet to steady,  hearts to inspire and souls to save.
This is the best remedy for any kind of stress and frustration.

My missionaries will testify of their happiness.
To see young men and women at this age
giving up all worldly possessions and recreation and education
and careers and music and television and movies and dating etc.....
is an amazing feat in itself.
But to hear them testify that this is their greatest time they have ever
experienced so far in their life is amazing.

 Serving others 
brings the greatest joy we can know.

I live in Peru people... far away from my family
my children, my grandchildren, my parents, my siblings
my nieces and nephews... my friends,
my comforts, my home, my food, my hobbies,
my Temple, my neighbors, my car, my lifestyle etc....


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is True!
It is the plan of happiness.
There is nothing you can do on earth that
will compensate or satisfy like living the Gospel.
It is peace to the soul!
Live it and Share it!

~ We love you Elder Patiño and Elder Chatwin ~