Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Text Messaging...

I received one of those startling phone calls
at 3:00 am the other morning...
This is the worst feeling in the world in the mission.

Why do I think that I have to sound like I 
am sitting by the phone awake at 3:00 am
ready to take phone calls?

I sat straight up in bed and started to clear my throat
and practiced saying HeLlo, HeLLO , HelLo

Then I calmly said... "Hello" in my cheery pleasant voice.
It was Elder Richards the Personal Secretary
saying that we may have an appendicitis attack.
I was still trying to get my brain function on 
 to remember everything I needed to ask him.
Elder Richards had gone over all the symptom questions with him.
 This missionary was not in Trujillo.
I needed to know how severe the pain was
in case we needed to go get him and bring him in for surgery.
Has he had a blessing?
Are the Zone Leaders with him?
Get him to his Area Clinic for evaluation and then call me.

After I hung up the phone... I was wide awake wondering
if we would be leaving for a two hour drive there 
and then a two hour drive back...

I stayed in bed going through the possibilities that could happen.
Time started to pass.  I was getting groggy
My eyes were so heavy.
An hour later I received a text message
which was sweet not to wake the President.

The vibration startled me...
I read that it was not appendicitis but food poisoning.
The Elder was fine and was heading back to his room.

I was squinting my eyes as hard as I could to read the message and to 
text a message of "thanks" back to Elder Richards.

I was pushing all kinds of wrong buttons...
I was erasing on accident..
I was so incapable of sending a message in the middle of the night.
Finally after struggling for awhile with just one word
I accidentally pushed send and I think it read...


I am sure the office Elders cracked up over the in-com-pe-tan-te
Mission Mom that can't send a text message.
I just didn't want them to think I was sending a *Bleep* word.