Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Look at the Leaders...

 Zone Leaders have a huge responsibility.
They are over all the missionaries under them... 
which could be 12 to 24 missionaries... they watch over
their health, their baptisms, their living conditions, their money,
their special assignments, their exchanges, their teaching skills...
their total welfare!
This is a lot of added work to their already full schedules.
But guess what?
We don't hear any of them complaining.
They just get the job done.
They are the best ever!
* denotes new Zone Leaders

 Elders Casanova and Gamboa- Casma Zone
Elders Mendoza and Araneda* Esperanza Zone
Elders Frietz and Saldivia - Central Zone
Elders Mamani and Northcott - Palermo Zone 

Elders Castillo and Marquez - East Zone 
Elders Escobar and Armstrong - Viru Zone
Elders Brian and Hurley - Porvenir Zone
Elders Johnson and Vera - Laureles Zone

Elders Felt* and Contreras - Chimbote Sur Zone
Elders Davila and Pillajo - Primavera Zone
  Elders Herrera* and Yat - Huaraz Zone 
Elders Olivares and DelaFuente - Chimbote Peru Zone

Elders Merida* and Prebe - Casa Grande Zone 
Elders Cornejo and Mecham - Assistants 
Elder Richards Personal Secretary to the President
Elder Cook Financial Secretary
Elder Mieles Secretary over Physical Facilities/Mailman/Supplies
Elder Castillo Secretary of Records

It is a long day of training and they have only just begun.
Now they change their clothes and head out
to do a service project at some of the Chapels.
Then they change their clothes again
and head out to a night filled with lessons...
They are Excellent!