Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All Aboard the Central Zone Bus....

Oh, we are out and about the city of Trujillo
with the Central Zone today.

We are Bus missionaries
Mototaxi missionaries
Combi, Taxi, Walking Missionaries

We are not Bike or Car
Thank goodness, it's a Jungle out there. 

But whatever we take... We are moving all over this place.
We love to be seen and see others.
If you look carefully in the bus you will find two hidden missionaries
See if you can guess who they are.

Our Zone Leaders for Central are...
Elder Saldivia and Elder Richards

Central Zone includes:
 Elder Herrera and Elder Whitelock

 Hermana Doxey and Hermana Semorile

 Elder Fuentealba and Elder Nye

 Elder Jimenez and Elder Guyman

 Elder Rodriguez and Elder Randall

Book of Mormon stories today include these...

One Elder said that when he was 18 years old he was called to 
be the Seminary teacher in his ward.
They were studying the Book of Mormon that year.
He had never read the Book personally.
He said that as he began to be the teacher to those just 
younger than he was...
He found that he was the one learning the most.
He loved to prepare and read and feel and learn
with every lesson he taught.
He is so grateful for this calling that prepared him
for his mission and his life and 
gave him the chance to gain his own
testimony of the Book of Mormon.

Another Elder said that when he was 15 his father came to him
and told him that he was worried about the friends
that he was hanging around.
He said that the only thing that he would suggest
is that he read the Book of Mormon.
The father said that he would like to read it with him.
They started to read the book.
And while they were reading and he was gaining a testimony
of it... His friends started to make fun of the Book 
and tell him he was crazy to believe it.
But he had already felt the spirit testify to him
that this book was from God and that it was true.
He was loving the stories and the spirit with it.
He defended the Book of Mormon to his friends
and it made him a stronger person
and he started his personal study of the Book at this time in his life
and has continued to this day.
He loves the Book of Mormon

One Elder said that it was just he and his mom in the family.
And at age 12 when he was ordained a deacon,
his mother said that he needed to learn all about the
Book of Mormon.
They started to read together every singe night.
He said that it brought them together like nothing else could.
He had a closeness with his mother throughout his teen years
that most young men did not have.
When you read the Book as a family there is 
a true unifying spirit that binds and softens and teaches
love and charity for others.

Great Stories...

 And may I introduce the new taca taca winners (foosball)
they just overtook Elder Cook and Elder Fackrell.

Elder Castillo and Elder Guerrero

Keep up the great work Central Zone.... 
We'll catch up with you on the next Bus!
We love you all!