Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ChANgeS.... WOwZEr !!

Look at Elder Fackrell's Face.
This says it all!
This is his first time being in charge of changes as the personal secretary!
I am not usually here when the missionaries are
making the changes every six weeks.
I am usually with the new missionaries in the office
training and getting to know them.
But I snuck out and went 
over to the church to watch this amazing experience.

Let me just say that it is all about...
and lots of Love!

Below, as Elder Hales was leaving in the taxi, 
he seriously called out... "where am I going again?"
He had no idea where to tell the taxi driver 
to take him and his crew.
They were heading to one of the bus stations 
where they were going to catch a bus to Chimbote.
Good Luck Elder Hales... You will need it!

Elder Smith and Elder Smith are changing spots - straight across.
They thought that this was pure inspiration.
No mess up in name changes.
 At times the church basketball court was completely covered 
with missionaries and their stuff...
 They are all looking for their new companions.
The taxis line up down the street... they also block off all the other traffic
as missionaries are piling in and out of them. 
The taxis are filled to the brim with suitcases and bodies.
 There are a lot of hugs as they say goodbye
and a little excitement as they meet their new companions.
The Zone Leaders jump into action as they are introducing and directing
and locating their new ones in their Zones.
It is so nice to see the stewardship of the older missionaries take over
in these changing experiences for the young ones.