Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, October 6, 2012


 We watched the saturday morning session of conference with the office
Elders on their preparation day.  We had pancakes and omelets
and then sat and enjoyed conference together.
You should have seen our faces during the big announcements...

First with the announcement of the new Temples...
One in our home state of Arizona
and One in our sweet Country of Peru...
An Eruption Occurred!
We are psyched!

And then on top of that great news...
even Better news!!!
Young men being called at 18
and young women at 19
to serve missions..


We need more missionaries at every age!
We already have 18 year old Latins and they are fantastic.
We know that the other eighteen year olds all over the world 
will be great too.

And I can't tell you how excited I am for the young women.  
Some of our best missionaries are our
darling sister missionaries.
They do so much good out in the field.
They can get into places that the Elders cannot.
There is a great need for the Hermanas.

The powerful gifts that are bestowed upon a worthy missionary
 help guide and teach and testify and protect
in ways that are unbelievable at any age.
This is the miracle of our missionary work
and has been a sign of the Lord's True Church 
in every dispensation.
I testify that through these young, inexperienced men and women
that the truth will go on boldly and nobly 
until it has filled the earth!

It is a true privilege to be involved on a daily basis
with this the