Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, October 27, 2012

One more peek at Huaraz...

More photos arrived home today from Huaraz
with President Turk

I want all the families happy
with equal time on the blog... 
It will never be equal time but please know
that I love them all the same.
(with all my heart)

 Above are the Assistants with the Zone Leaders
Elder Yat and Elder Herrera.

Just look at them... don't they just glow with happiness?
They are all outstanding.
  Here they are individually
Elder Acuña, Elder Cottle, Hermana Bell, Elder Román
 Hermana Lujan, Elder Fernandez, Elder Prestwich
Elder Hoyos, Elder Albujar, Elder Shaw
Elder Herrera, Elder Ipi, Elder Yat and Elder Perez

You are all adorable!

Con Amor...
your mission mom