Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Elders in Laredo

Elder Quispe and Elder Prestwich took the President
all over Laredo today.
One of the stops was to this nice gentleman
who is a shoe cobbler/repairman.

His daughter is a member of the church
and these Elders are teaching her father now and 
her 24 year old brother.

The organizer in me wants to get into the shoe shop
and do a little organizing.
A little known fact about me... I love to rearrange rooms
and organize other peoples things...
my own things.... not so fun.

I asked the President to maybe take a few 
more interesting pictures while he is out in the field.
He showed me this one below that he was 
pretty proud of... 
"Do you see the sugar factory smoke behind them...
and the flag and the police station
and the mototaxi, and fruit cart?
That is what makes this photo so great" he told me.
That's funny!

Here is a golden little family.
He is a sweet father that wants the best for his family.
They are going to be married
and then baptized as soon as this happens.
There is nothing better than teaching young families
about the plan of happiness, the Gospel,
to help guide, shape, and direct them
towards the Temple.

Now this is an area I don't want to organize.  They are putting goat
carcasses into the fridge or freezer behind them.
Not much of a meat eater anymore.

I will eat a few chicken nuggets from KFC now and then
but that's about it.
Oh wait and Lucy, our cook, makes the best 
roast and potatoes and gravy.