Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, October 15, 2012


Here is the group leaving today.
They have all been interviewed.  We ate lunch together.
We had a great testimony meeting
and our goodbye video
We played our memory mission game and now...
They are off!
Heavenly Father be with this great group of Missionaries.
Elders Marquez, Ramos, Berroteran, Vilchez
Hermanas Montes and Oliveros

We were so excited to have Elder Vilchez' parents come to pick
him up from Lima....  So nice to meet them
They are wonderful and have a wonderful son.

I have told the office Elders that we have got to work on their
manners at the table.  They might not be invited for lunch
any more... I am kidding of course.  
It was my fault, I told them to try the spoon on the nose.

My sweet girls... I am going to miss you!
 Now off to the airport to say goodbye
and then pick up our new ones..  Yes!