Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, October 18, 2012

How Has the Book of Mormon Impacted Your Life?

Primavera Zone was in the office today for the beginning of 
our Interview cycle...  Here we go!
I would love to start taking pictures of the Zones 
at places around town,
This is the first one taken at the famous hamburger stand
on the corner near our office.
It will bring back memories when we look at these pictures.
 Primavera Zone includes...

The Trusty Zone Leaders
Elder Davila and Elder Oliveras

Elder Kellogg and Elder Bravo

Hermana Diaz and Hermana Mori

Elder Ciprian (mini mission)  and Elder Calderon

Elder Tierra and Elder Morgan

Hermana Langi and Hermana Sandstrom

Elder Smith and Elder Oyarzun
 Sweet Zone Primavera... Vamos!

In the interviews today... 
President Turk asked each missionary this question,
"How has the Book of Mormon impacted your life?"

One of the missionaries responded with this answer...

"A few years ago I started to read the Book of Mormon
when I rode on a bus to and from work
for about 40 minutes each way.
I fell in love with it. It started to change me in every way.
My parents at this time were fighting with my Aunt and Uncle
over some trivial thing but it had a huge impact on our family.
One night I came home and was crying over this ugly situation. 
I went into my room and was reading the Book of Mormon
and I received a strong impression to go and talk to my parents about 
what I was feeling. I quoted from the Book of Mormon and bore testimony 
of its power.  My parents felt this spirit.  Their hearts were touched.
They went and apologized to my Aunt and Uncle that night.
And from then on, we read the Book of Mormon together as a family.
This Book brings unity and it softens our hearts to do what is right."

Answers to life's big and little problems lie within this Book.
But you have to open it and read it for the inspiration to happen.
I testify of this!

Here is another first for our new Personal Secretary.
On his first day without Elder Richards...
Elder Gomez had appendicitis.
So Elder Fackrell spent the night in the clinic with Elder Gomez.
President gave him a blessing
We called and talked to his mother.

His surgery was at midnight.
They released him at 8 in the morning.
Everything went fantastic
and of course he will lay low for awhile.
Speedy recovery Elder Gomez... We Love You!

This was some more great initiation for Elder Fackrell.