Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, October 26, 2012

Lord of the Rings...

The Elders always feel like they are entering Lord of the Rings territory
when they head to Chavin.
And this is where the President is tonight
and tomorrow morning with his Assistants.
He is exploring the Ruins of Chavin.

 But before exploring... he spent the day with these very important
people in our lives....  the second half of the Huaraz Zone.
These Elders are in the high and exciting lands of Peru.
They are experiencing some of the real 
traditional foods, languages, culture and vistas
of ancient Peru.
It's unbelievably Beautiful

Elders Perez, Cottle, Shaw, Albujar, Acuña and Román
are living quite the mission life.
I am sad I was not with them today, but I will 
see them in a week and a half
for our mission tour.

President said that each of these interviews were special.
They are all loving their missions.

 They testified of their witness of the Book of Mormon.
Each has a story to tell.
Each knows it is true or they would not or could not
go through the motions of a mission.
It is Really Impossible.

One of our missionaries told President Turk that 
he has taken each chapter of the Book of Mormon
and written down in his Scripture Journal
 how each chapter applies to him personally.
I love this idea.  I have not done this.
I think I will.

The missionaries tell how the Book of Mormon 
gives them strength in the hard times.
It brings comfort and guidance 
and memories of reading with family 
They can hear their parents voices reading from
the book and testifying of the truthfulness.
They share with President special verses 
and passages that have changed their lives.
Many have had powerful witnesses in the MTC
as they were living, loving and searching these 
Scriptures for the few weeks they were there.

Another Elder said that each time he hears his investigators
testify that they have asked if the Book of Mormon is true
and they have received an answer.... and it is YES,
it greatly enhances his own witness of this Book.
You never have just one witness,
it happens again and again 
as you read it, share it, feast upon it,
ponder it, and mostly as you live it.

This Book is the Gift of all Gifts.
Share it for sure this holiday season.
There is no better feeling in the world, Really!