Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Unbelievable Bad Luck... Turns Good!

My sweet friend Lucy...
remember, was married a while ago 
and President Turk and I were the witnesses.
She was excited to get her records and get going 
for her endowment.

But when the Bishop and Stake president 
went to get the marriage license,
it was nowhere to be found.

The attorney that performed the wedding
for the mayor's office
had several appointments that day
and took the money and ran.
Never documenting any of it... and now no one can find him.

My fingerprints were stamped all over those papers
as one of the witnesses.

 Lucy was so upset.
And I told her, "we will just do it again"
She started to cry and said
"This happened to us before.  This is the second time.
I don't think my husband will do this again"

Well, thank goodness he did.
Third times the Charm.... Right?

President Turk was in Viru for priesthood training
and so Elder Cook and I were the witnesses today
and Elder Fackrell the photographer.
This was a mass wedding of about 29 couples today.

I thought we were going to be witnesses for another wedding too. 
Lucy's mother and Stepfather have never been married either.
And now they have both taken the lessons
and are going to be married and then baptized.
But they were having to wait for some of their documents.
They couldn't do it today.
So as soon as the papers arrive...
They too will be married and baptized.

I'm telling you... these missionaries get to do the funnest things.
Their resumés are filled with talents and abilities
that they would never have unless they served a mission.

I have learned that when we say yes to any calling that comes
our way in the church... no matter how frightened
or out of our comfort zone it is...
If we say yes, we are blessed, strengthened and our abilities
are magnified as we use them in building the kingdom of God.
I testify that this is true.

Congratulations again Lucy and Jorge Alfredo.
This was definitely the real deal.

(cross your fingers everyone)