Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, October 6, 2012

President Turk What Happened to Your Face?

 Friday President Turk went with the Personal Secretaries,
Elder Fackrell and Elder RIchards...
to the dermatologist.

President Turk had a little sore on his face 
that would not go away.
He wanted it checked out.

When they arrived at the clinic they saw that all the Doctors 
were out protesting something or another...
this is very common here in Trujillo.
There is always a protest going on somewhere in the city.
They were hoping that the dermatologists 
were not marching.
They went to their appointment and saw that 
Doctora Dora... (Yes, that is her real name)
 was not out protesting.
Oh good...   or was it good?

She looked at the sore on President Turk's cheek and said 
that it needed to be burned off.
It was a little precancerous sore and needed 
to be taken care of.

So President is now going around looking like 
he was in a little fight.
But he was given medicinal creme and the burn should go away quickly.
We were glad that it was taken care of.