Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Raining in Huaraz... As Usual

Look at these young boys ducking under the Church patio
trying to get out of the rain for awhile.
They are sooooooo cute.
President and the Assistants drove up to rainy Huaraz today...

I stayed home and was able to see Mabell, my tutor, while she 
is home for a few days in between her Cruise assignments.

We went to lunch and got much needed manicures.
I also had a million errands to run before we leave for Ecuador.
Mabell has been working on a cruise line in Greece, Italy,
Croatia and Turkey and now her new ship will be in 
Florida, the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.
This is fun for her right now.  She will be back again in May
So I will see her before we go.
I miss her.

President spent the afternoon with these Missionaries.

The Zone Leaders Elder Yat and Elder Herrera, 
along with the Assistants, were training while President Interviewed.
 Here are a couple of Book of Mormon Stories...

One Elder told the President that the first time he read the Book of Mormon
was with his Teachers Quorum.  The Advisor had them all 
stay after the Block of Church meetings and read for 
another hour or longer.  Our Elder thought at that time that he never
wanted to be a missionary because it would be long Sundays
like he was experiencing with his teachers quorum.
But this is when he really started to feel the truth of this Book.
He said that every one of the boys in his quorum,
that read with them, served a mission.
A few years later, when President Hinckley asked 
everyone to read the Book of Mormon,
His mother gathered the children and they read it and finished
it by Christmas.  Shortly after this his mother passed
away suddenly.  He said that the only thing that got him
through this very difficult time was the Book of Mormon
and the feelings that he felt with his mother 
as they read it together as a family.
The Book of Mormon teaches us about what we will be doing
after this life and what we should be doing now in this life.


One of our sweet Sister Missionaries said that when she turned 12 
and entered the Young Womens Program,  
they told her all about the Personal Progress Program.
One of the goals was reading the Book of Mormon every day.
She started that day and she never missed another day of 
reading until she graduated from High School.
She said that when she started to read the Book of Mormon
at age 12, she found herself with tears streaming down her cheeks.
She never even had to ask if the Book was true.
She knew it from the start.
She also remembers her parents reading the Book of Mormon
when she was very young.
While her parents would read, she would act out all the parts.


Another Elder said that he first fell in love as a little boy 
with the Primary Songs about the Book of Mormon

"I Will Go... I Will Do..."

"Book of Mormon Stories that my Teacher tells to me..."

When he read with his family, he listened as his parents
bore their testimony to him and his brothers and sisters
of the Book of Mormon.
He said that he knew it was true because of their testimonies first.
This later became the foundation for his own testimony as he grew
to love the Book for himself.
Parents do not miss this opportunity to create these
spiritual foundations for your children.
Share your testimonies... Feel the closeness and unity
that reading the Book of Mormon brings.