Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

REALLY Out in the Field...

Casa Grande was the area of choice today for the President.
He was out with Elders Robles and Bulmini 
specifically in the Paijan area.

Remember... Casa Grande is surrounded 
by the Sugar Cane fields and factories.
Elder Bulmini and Elder Robles
actually went to the fields to find some of their investigators.

They first found the children....

and then these darling children took them to their parents
that were out working in their field.

The parents then came in from the field for their lesson.
They are not married yet.  They are going to work on this first
and then they can be baptized.

The chapel in Paijan has completely been rebuilt.
It is three times the size it was and very beautiful and very needed.

They did a lot of walking and a lot of mototaxis this afternoon.
President is having a few back spasms.
Nothing that will keep him from going out again on Thursday.
He absolutely loves it.
Tomorrow we have training in the office.

At the end of their lessons...
They stopped at the Bishop's house.  They talked to his son that has just
been ordained an Elder.  He is going to serve a mini mission with us
before he leaves on his 2 year mission.
As the President was about to leave, the Bishop said...
"President, I forgot... I need to get your line of authority.
You ordained me a High Priest when I was called to be a Bishop."
and then the son said...
"that means that I have the same line of authority
as you too President. My father ordained me"

He was excited about that.
Which by the way... President Turk's line goes through 
my Father's line of authority
because he ordained my husband a high priest.

For those not knowing what a line of authority is....

A priesthood line of authority shows who ordained an individual
and who ordained them and so on back to Jesus Christ.

Every member that has been ordained to the Priesthood can trace
their line of authority back to the Savior Himself.

PS -  Dad there are many Peruvians now with your 
line of authority.  And it will go on and on and on!