Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, October 19, 2012


The Elders in Virú came in for interviews this morning.
Here they are at the fountain in Ovalo Larco... 
 and look, all you returned missionaries,
There is a KFC and a Pizza Hut right behind them now.
Just a hop, step and a throw from the office.
The restuarants were very smart  .... they found out where 
the missionaries were and came to them.
 Elder Aburto and Elder Ramirez             Elder Calcina and Elder Ureta
 Elder Lopez and Elder Martinez     Elder Chun and Elder Palacios
                                                                                    (mini Mission)

ZL's Elder Perez and Elder Armstrong        Elder Colonio and Elder Oroxom
Elder Hendrix and Elder Caro        Elder Cornejo and Elder Mecham

Here is another sweet story on the Impact of the Book of Mormon 
from one of the interviews with the President....

This Elder said that when he was about 7 years old, he remembers that 
his Aunt gave his family a Book of Mormon.

He would look at the pictures in this book all the time.
And in the front of the book, his Aunt put a picture
of her family standing in front of the Temple
after they had just been sealed.
She wrote her testimony on the inside cover
and left them this Book of Mormon.

He wanted to know what the beautiful building 
was that they were standing in front of...

He also wanted to know about all of the pictures in this book.
He knew there was something special about the book.

Finally, after about 6 years, his mother decided 
to take the lessons from the missionaries.
When the missionaries were teaching his family, 
they pulled out a Book of Mormon.
Our missionary was about 13 at this time
and when he saw them pull out their Book of Mormon,
He ran and got the one that he had loved all these
years not knowing exactly what it was all about.

The missionaries taught his family the Gospel
and He started to read this book
from cover to cover.
Within the first few pages he received a powerful witness
that this Book was True.
His whole family was baptized.
And since that time...
the Book of Mormon has been the most important
 guiding influence of his life.
He is a great missionary here.

And look who just made it for the last photo of the afternoon...
Elder Cook and Elder Fackrell...
their mouths are still open after running down the street and 
hopping in the picture.

They were paying the bill after lunch.
thanks Elders.
and thank you to President Turk for the photos.

I was with the Hermanas in a planning meeting for upcoming events.
Thanks to Hermanas Jackson, Bond, Pocco and Petherbridge...
I needed you today.