Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, February 16, 2012

CHIMBOTE - We Love You!

We had our Multi Zone Conference in Chimbote Yesterday.
It is so much fun to be with my missionaries that I don't get 
to see as often.  Chimbote is a great place
where the work is flying.
And it is due to all these great missionaries.

Elder Whitelock led a beautiful choir of Elders
from the Chimbote Peru Zone.

President Turk was talking about becoming as a child
to our Missionaries so he asked this beautiful mother and son
to come to our meeting so that he could 
use baby Luis in his talk.

President Turk didn't know that he would get so emotional holding this
darling little boy.  I am sure that the grandsons were 
coming to his thoughts.
What he said was very touching
and Luis was the sweetest thing ever.

Elder Wright and Elder Vera 
the hardest working Elders around
had some excellent training with all the Zones.

Here we are at lunch all together.

There are ten of the best Hermanas here in Chimbote.
They are all in one Zone too... the Chimbote Sur Zone.

After the Multi Zone Conference we kept the Casma Zone 
for the afternoon and did Interviews and training with them.
See the next post!
Long Days.... How do I keep going?
I will tell you...