Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Samuel Isaac Andersen... Guest Blogger

** A little note from me first...
Elder Andersen is going home.  He has had a unique mission serving closely with us in the office for about 15 months in different capacities and at different times.  He is talented beyond his years and has served effectively and obediently his whole mission.  His life has been changed physically as well as spiritually.  He went from a young boy to a mighty man of God.  Thank you Elder Andersen.  We will love you forever!   Hermana Turk

Now... Elder Andersen's post

When a new missionary arrives here he feels…
That was two years ago.  I remember how hard it was.  
Being a missionary is not easy.  It is hard work, and it should be. 

Mom´s: Please don´t cry for us, we are having the best experiences of our lives… better yet, share your testimonies with us.  That is what we need.  Our emails might not always show it, but we love what we are doing and what we are learning.

My family is on a plane right now coming to get me 
and take me home,

I feel…



   I have so many mixed feelings… 
It is like trying to choose between Perú and Utah.  
I love them both.

It has been so amazing to serve.  
The mission has changed my life forever.  
I shall always speak of it with sacred tones.  
The world is a big place, 
but I know that what I have done here has made a difference. 
 If you are trying to decide whether or not to serve a mission… 
DO IT!  
If not you will lose the opportunity to 
bless the lives of hundreds of people, 
and you will lose the millions of blessings 
that you can earn through 
completing this sacred priesthood obligation.  
Worthily serving a mission, 
is the best decision I have ever made. 

... Elder Andersen