Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday.... Just got Fatter!

I was celebrating Fat Tuesday with a few of my favorite Sons.
I don't even know what fat tuesday is, thank goodness.
All I know is that I am usually the only woman
in a sea of men.
Can you see me?
I am the one wearing lipstick.
I hope the only one....
Another beautiful male choir started off our Multi-zone conference this morning.
 President Turk talked about becoming born again
through baptism.
When he holds these babies he really gets emotional.
This little girl's name is Cirel.

We train a lot.
We have too, we have many missionaries.
The trick is to try to keep everyone and everything
on the same page.
But with people coming and going all the time
it gets difficult. 

It reminds me of a story about my sister Beth.
She has eight children.
One of their children, I think number six or seven,
was about to be baptized.
They started to tell her about some of the questions
the Bishop would ask her in the interview.
When they talked to her about Joseph Smith
she said "Who's That?"

My sister and her husband looked at each other
and about died.
They have taught about Joseph Smith 
so many times in their home
that they found it impossible for her not to know.
Somehow one fell through the cracks.

It would be very easy for something like 
this to happen in the mission.
You can take one of our basic trainings
and you think you have taught it to everyone
so much that they are sick of it.

But like I said, we have so many coming and going 
that we have to just teach the same topics
over and over again.

We do it in different ways and we have different people
involved each time.

These two Zone Leaders are awesome.
We were driving back home from Chimbote 
and as we came to the little city of Chao
We saw two white shirts and ties walking along
the side of the road.
It was Elder Wilkinson on exchanges with Elder Bulmini.
Let me tell you, they weren't just casually walking,
they were flying.  They were walking with 
purpose and power and smiles.
They were both dripping in sweat and 
grinning from ear to ear.

Their schedule was booked and they were getting it done.
Thank you for your dedication and your examples.
It pays off.
They are successful!

Practice makes Perfect, Verdad?

After a long hot, hard day of training...
they still smile as they clean up 
the whole building.

Fantastic Elders... What a great Fat Tuesday!