Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy as Clams... East Zone!

It's Friday night and we just got off of skype
with our children and grandchildren.
There is nothing better than watching the 
grandkids play with each other.
It's like looking into a hamster cage.
They never stop running around... and funny things are happening
all over the room.
This happens with our missionaries too.
When it comes to playing the games,
they turn into competitive boys
doing whatever it takes
 to win a treat. 
The East Zone was no exception.

We had the missionaries from Otusco and Huamachuco
stay on Tuesday after the 
Multi zone conference so that they wouldn't have to travel
the extra trip up and back.

The rest of the zone was in today for interviews and training.
These men are diligent.
They are here for the right reason.
They know who they are...
Sons of God.

East Zone Elders are:
Acuña, Albujar, Batz, Bustinsa, Calcina, Cerpa, Chicche, Gómez,
Hoyos, Hyde, Ipi, Jaramillo, Lorenzo, Martinez, Merida, Minaya, Perez,
Pugmire, Quispe, Shaw, Vera, and Villena

Zone Leaders: Elders Gómez and Vera

We Love You All like Crazy...
Because we are a bit Crazy!