Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Scout Motto.... Be Prepared!

President Turk was in Chocope with 
Elder Zarian and Elder Velastagui.
They had some great teaching experiences.
When they were finished President Turk
was pushed for time and had a little bit of a drive to get 
back to meetings with Stake Presidents in Trujillo.
So he hugged his Elders and turned around to hop in the car

...and saw that he had a flat tire.
He put the Assistants right on it.. they opened up the back to 
get out the jack and the spare

And they found the spare but no jack.
President tore apart the car baffled by the disappearance.
He knew that it was in the car at one time... He had seen it.
But today it was not there.

Let me just tell you that this does not sit well with President Turk.
He is the most prepared scout I have ever known.
Sometimes I just test him to see how prepared he is...
For instance.
We can be out to dinner and I can say
I wish I had some minty flavored dental floss right now
and "Voila"
He can pull it out of one of his pockets.
Everybody knows that President Turk is prepared for everything.
He is a Silver Beaver after all.

So now they were scrambling to find a jack.
Then a nice man offered to help them.
He was kind and they had a great conversation
with him while they changed the tire.
And you can guess the rest of the story...

He wants the missionaries to come and teach him
about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Lord works in mysterious ways
and these stories happen by the dozens every day.

This will be a great conversion story 
for the good samaritan to tell his grandchildren.

(cross your fingers and say a little prayer)