Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oh Yes.... Chimbote Peru

 This is it...  The last Zone in Chimbote.
We spent friday with 
these gentlemen.

They are so into missionary work.
They study, they listen, they practice, they ask intelligent questions
they read, they teach, they eat, drink and sleep
the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
They know that if they help one person
they help a generation of people.
They are helping many many people.

Thank you Elders in the Chimbote Peru Zone
they include
Elders: Bourque, Sancé, Gutiérrez, Sanchez, Castro, Fernandez,
Aquino, Iler. Sandiford, Fajardo, Whitelock. Quispe, Kellogg, Llatance,
Mano, Casanova, and the Zone Leaders are Elders Lopez and Marquez

We are heading to Huamachuco for 
a Branch Conference.

We are out of here!
Thank you Chimbote.