Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Favorite Days... New Arrivals!

This has been a day of more emotions.
We had lunch with Elder Arthur and his parents 
and Elder Andersen and his family.
They are now heading out of Trujillo.
So we said our goodbyes.
I am tired of Goodbyes.
There is really nothing good in good bye
I am just going to say Bye Bye
Not Good!
Hermana Bigler and Her mom are in Huaraz today
and they will be back with us on Friday.

Nine new ones came in on the late afternoon flight.
We didn't go to the Temple grounds because it was raining.
It never rains here.
So we will do it in the morning.

They went and ate Pizza with the office Elders and then
all of them were paired up with some seasoned Elders
and they went out on teaching appointments.

We will have orientation and training tomorrow
and then I will post their trainers and areas 
and introduce you to each one.

Let the New Ones Fly!