Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, February 6, 2012

Some Great Ones... Leaving

What a Beautiful Day.
This is the group of those leaving us today.
I'm not ready for this!

Elder Arthur's parents made it in this morning and we were so happy
 that they were here for the day's festivities along with 
the Andersens and Sister Bigler.
President Turk interviewed the missionaries in the morning.
They finished their packing and last minute errands.
Then it was off to the mission home for Lunch by Lucy and Ali.
It was delicious.
Elder Andersen called in his favorite lunch order.
We ate Lomo Saltado with all the great sides that come with it.  
And of course he wanted Apple Crisp for dessert.
It was perfect.

We then had testimonies from each of those leaving.
It was very tender.
I love these missionaries so much.
My heart keeps growing and growing.
I know that it is several sizes too big and I love it!

We watched the Goodbye Video
and then
We loaded the big blue bus.

We were running a teensy bit behind.
Our missionaries had to throw open their suitcases
and let the inspectors rummage through quickly so that they
could get them on the plane...
It was a little hectic.
Sorry moms if their stuff comes home in big disarray.

The sweetest was watching our office Elders give them the
"Hurrah for Israel" hand pump
through the glass.

I decided to include this picture with my mouth wide open
because I am sure that this is how they will remember me.
It never seems to shut.
But I would rather have them remember me with a smile
than my tears and believe me, there were some goodbye tears.
I love you all forever and ever.
Thank you for your Dedication, Testimonies and Love.
Make the rest of your lives as great as your mission.