Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Huaraz is Beautiful!

Another Day
Another Conference
With These Great People...

Huaraz Zone includes:
Elders Chun and Nye, Elders Arriola and Cruz, Elders Young and Cheme
Elders Castillo and Dickerson, Elders Farnsworth and Brito, Elders Mikesell and Lobaton
Hermanas Jackson and Olivaros, Elders Fuentealba and Vanden Bosch, 
and Hermanas Doxey and McVey.

Look at this beautiful little boy
His name is
He was the child here in Huaraz
that helped with President Turk's talk.

His mom and Aunt brought him.
They are both beautiful women and returned missionaries.

The Hermanitas were enjoying homemade cookies from Lucy
and the Elders in the back were, 
you know,
just being themselves.
They crack me up always.

Elder Chun and Elder Nye
are doing well together.

I went to go look for my companions at lunch
and look what I saw...
They were in their most natural pose 
here in the mission.
It is the triangle of phones.
The President and his

Huaraz is so great with the mountain people
and the city people.
I love this place.
These women are the best!

This afternoon President interviewed these men.
They are in the outskirts of Huaraz
so instead of bringing them all the way back in tomorrow
we interviewed, trained and played games today.

It made for a very long day 
but we all enjoyed it.