Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hey, It's Porvenir...

More missionaries were in for interviews today.
Half in the morning and half in the afternoon.
But we all eat lunch together in the middle.
And this is when I snapped the photo.
Is your son in the Porvenir Zone?
Let me assure you, they are all doing very well.
Elders in the Porvenir Zone include:
Canaan, Mecham, Arteaga, Hendrix, Hales, Northcott, Perez,
Felt, Tagle, Briones, Pesantes, Salazar, Aguilar, Olivares,
DelaFuente, Tierra, and Zepana

President loves to interview.... but it is not an easy task.

Our Zone Leaders are in the first square on the left...
Elder DelaFuente and Elder Briones.

Hey... they are also in the bottom right square below.
They played the game in the morning and afternoon.

This district came color coordinated.
I was hoping for a great song with a little choreography.
Nope, Nada, Nothing.

But these guys gave us a song.
They were wonderful but again... no choreography.

But look during our game of snakes and ladders 
Elder DelaFuente and Elder Vera
had to share a square on one leg.  If they let it down they have to go
back to the beginning.  This was kind of like choreography.
And actually Elder DelaFuente is an amazing dancer.

Let's Go Porvenir... You are Awesome!