Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm in Trouble and I'm Thankful!

When I quickly gather the masses for a photo shoot for the blog,
for the parents and families, for the friends and relatives... etc..
it is usually a last minute thing.
There is no big placement, it is a free for all basically.
Well, I let it go too far this last week.
We broke 2 tables and a desk.

I am Horrified!

I will be taking care of this financially
 and will be in total control
from now on with the photos.
We will actually go outside!
Brilliant Idea!
I am so sorry to the Institute.
It will never happen again.
We love to meet in this building and will be very careful from 
this time forward.

Now to my sisters...

We have been enjoying all the gifts you brought
and I never thanked you properly.
The missionaries love the frisbee game. (Bonnie)
They scarfed down the candy  (Ruth)
I'm wearing my socks and moisturizer as I type (Ruth)
The facial machine is awesome (Beth)
The Hermanas loved the chapstick and bath and body products (Julie)
The brown sugar, tortillas, mattas sauce are precious (Amy, Bonnie, Julie)
The money for the missionaries is so kind (All of You)
I am missing some of the gifts... Sorry

But of course the best gift of all was your sacrifice 
to get here and your time.

I will treasure it forever!

Ruth, will you call and tell Molly where to get your waver
for your hair so that she can get one to Jill and Sherri to bring to me.
It would be awesome for my trips!

I love you all!