Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Here We Come Huaraz!

We are on a Road Trip with these Elders. 
Elder Vera and Elder Wright
Elder Wright has his new spectacles on.
We want to make sure that he can see everything.
This will be his first time in Huaraz.
We are going to have a Zone Conference 
and Interiews with all the Missionaries in Huaraz.

The things that you see along the way are incredible.
I never can catch the amazing things on camera
because we are moving so fast.

Our frist stop was in Viru.
Here are the Zone Leaders ...
Elder Wilkinson is helping Elder Uribe with his 
English Lesson.
I love this church. 
This is such a blessing for the missionaries
to each have language studies.
Elder Uribe's English is getting very good.

We stopped in Viru to let President 
set apart a new missionary that got his call to Bolivia.

He is the sweetest.  I am sure that he has never been
out of his small farming community so he is 
in for some great education along the way.

We also had to stop in Cachipampa
for the same reason...
to set apart another Elder that is leaving.

This is the little house chapel.
I have never seen one so rustic.

the classrooms are small but adequate for this area.

They are always working to make it better.

Thank you Elder Escobar for this great map.

The house capilla over looks lush farmland of Mango trees
and avocado trees.  There are a lot of grapes in the area too.

Here is the cultural hall.
Well, I call it the cultural hall... it has a thatched roof and dirt floors.
the weather again is perfect for this building.

This is the missionary that was set apart.
He was taught and baptized by Elder Cosigua and Elder Chacaltana.
He is going to be a great servant of the Lord.

His family gave us Mangos and grapes that were absolutely beautiful.

Then we were off to Huaraz.

You climb, climb, climb.
We drive from sea level to 13000 feet in a few hours.

There were mud and rock slides everywhere on the roads.

There were trees down...

There are always people with their herds....

and you always reach the top and hit dense fog and clouds.

Then you drop back down into this beautiful
valley of Huaraz.

The population is about 200, 000.  It is surrounded by the snowcapped
mountains that you cannot see in this picture because 
of the clouds.

Yes, we made it again!

Now let's go find our missionaries.