Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Welcome to our Meeting.
These are very cute greeters.
This is the meeting when the Trainers come to pick up their New Ones.

This is Elder Davila and Elder Escobar
some of the Office Elders
that we couldn't live without.

Okay here we go...  these are the nine new ones that arrived yesterday.

This is our new Elder Palma from Ecuador.
He is being trained by Elder Espinal
and they will be in Esperanza.

Elder Acuña from Lima is being trained by 
Elder Hoyos and they will serve in the East Zone.

Elder Cardenas from Peru
is being trained by Elder Román
and they will be in Virú.

Elder Cañarte from Ecuador
is being trained by Elder Calisaya 
and they will also be in Virú.

This is Elder Patiño from Paraguay
and he is being trained by Elder Cornejo
and they are in Chimbote Sur.

Elder Tello is from Iquitos, Peru
and so is his trainer Elder Morales.
They are from the same Stake.
They will be in Chimbote Sur too.

Elder Colonio from Peru
will be trained by Elder Leon
and they will be serving in Casma.

Elder Castillo from Chiclayo
is being trained by Elder Dickerson
and they are in Huaraz.

Elder Cruz is from Cusco... 
(he had an older sister serve in this mission with us too. 
Thank you Hermana Cruz for blazing the way)
He is being trained by Elder Arriola
and they are with Mama Yuyu in Yungay... Huaraz.

We feel blessed as always to have these sweet missionaries
come with great attitudes and strong spirits
ready to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
with their Brothers and Sisters on the earth.

This is what earth life is all about!